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Banking University of Ho Chi Minh city, Headquarters, Great Hall (Floor 2)

Address: 36 Ton That Dam, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city 700000, Vietnam





 An overview:

 -         Address: 36 Ton That Dam District 1, Ho Chi Minh city – Vietnam

 -         Telephone: 84-8-829 1901 – Fax: 84-8-821 2584

 -         Website:


 Banking University Ho Chi Minh city has been founded for nearly 40 years and gone through different stages of establishment and development:

 -         Stage 1: (1976-1986): Executive school of banking – Ho Chi Minh branch II

 -         Stage 2: (1987-1992): Ho Chi Minh executive school of banking

 -         Stage 3: (1993-1997): Center for training and scientific research in banking – Ho Chi Minh branch

 -         Stage 4: (1998-2003): Banking Institute – Ho Chi Minh sub-institute

 -         Stage 5: since 2004: Banking University of Ho Chi Minh city

 Banking university Ho Chi Minh city is a public school under the direct management of the State Bank of Vietnam. During its establishment and development, with the effort of all lecturers, staff and students, BUH has reached lots of monumental achievements and contributed to the training for personnel in Economics-Finance-Banking, to scientific research, technology transferring, which are necessary for the eco-social development of our nation. BUH, therefore, has been awarded quite a few prestigious prizes from the Government and the Banking industry.

 BUH’s mission:

 BUH is multi-discipline in business and management areas, with finance-banking as a key training major. The university organizes training programs and provides well-trained human resources for banking-finance, insurance, businesses and other eco-social organizations, both locally and internationally.

 The school is also a creditable center for scientific research on finance-banking, business and management. It also takes responsibility for adopting, spreading, studying and developing scientific and technological achievements in finance-banking, business, management and other eco-social areas.

 Overall objectives to the year 2020:

 -        Become one of the leading universities in training finance-banking, business management, doing scientific research and consulting the mentioned fields in Vietnam and Asia;

 -        Have well-trained teaching faculty and managing staff that are able to carry out research;

 -        Provide modern facilities used for the school activities;

 -        Ensure the cooperative training programs keep pace with advanced educational development worldwide

 -        Have competitive advantages and be able to bring about worldwide integration.

 Training programs:

 The university is allowed to organize seven majors:

 -         Banking-Finance

 -         Business Administration

 -         Management Information System

 -         English

 -         Accounting – Auditing

 -         International Economics

 -         Economic Law

Level of education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Full time, In – service, top – up, 2ndDegree)
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral Degree

 Besides, BUH usually organizes various training courses in securities market, corporate finance, business management and accounting-auditing for staff from banks, credit institutions.

Cooperative training programs:

 BUH is among the pioneers in developing international cooperative training programs with renowned universities around the world, at both undergraduate level and graduate level.

 -        Master of Business Administration – a cooperative training program with University of Bolton (UOB), UK with 15 cohorts

 -        Executive MBA in Finance and Banking -  a cooperative training program with University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) with 9 cohorts

 -        BA in Business Management – a cooperative training program with UOB, UK, with 9 cohorts

 -        BA in International Management – a cooperative training program with FHNW, with 3 cohorts.


 -         Headquarters: 36 Ton That Dam street, district 1

 -         Main campus: 56 Hoang Dieu 2 street, Thu Duc district



 -         Campus: 39 Ham Nghi street, district 1


 Locating in 56 Hoang Dieu 2 street, Thu Duc district, BUH’s dormitory can serve 2.700 students with 339 rooms. Each room is equipped with necessary living facilities.



 At present, there are two big libraries located at 39 Ham Nghi street and 56 Hoang Dieu 2 Street, with a capacity of 150 for lecturers, students. There are over 40000 books of all kinds. There are also books, newspaper and magazines in English, Chinese and Japanese about economics, finance, banking, etc of international publishers. A system of 150 ADSL connected computers to surf the Internet or get access to the database. E-library connected with several foreign universities is also available. Furthermore, there are also 2 electronic resources, which are encyclopedia Wilson and Progquest in English


BUH is among the leading schools specializing in banking-finance with thousands of students. The university is responsible for training and providing highly qualified human resources for banking system as well as eco-social organizations, serving the current industrialization and modernization progress of our country.

To boost up its position in training and to meet the social demand, BUH has continuously widen it cooperative partnership in training, student  and staff exchange, research exchange so as to adopt the advance technology of developed countries. This will create opportunities for students to get access to advanced education at low cost and for academic staff to exchange knowledge and experience and enhance their teaching ability.




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